Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's starting to make sense

Justin finally talked about the interaction he has with the residents, attending and patients last night, and now I see that he's not just there to be $12 an hour (seriously) labor, but that he really makes a difference.

Not only is he smart--he picks up on people's idiosyncrasies and responds to them quickly, plus the medical stuff--he actually cares about the patients. Especially in the Cardiac Care Unit, where everyone who is in a bed is fairly likely to die or is suffering some serious heart-related malady, Justin knows about sending people to Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospice or Home Hospice. Having seen his mom there, he knows how hard it is for the family to make those decisions and wants to talk to them until they understand. He also does whatever he does with patients for tests and whatnot and then asks them if they are comfortable. That extra moment makes them not only have their pillows rearranged carefully, but makes them comfortable to tell him when something else hurts, which helped him catch a potentially horrible problem yesterday.

All of that makes me feel better about him staying late. I don't resent it so much because I know he's enjoying his work and also that he is truly helping people.

It's easier to have him gone when I know I'm sharing his love with people who need it.

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