Thursday, July 17, 2008

LA 'laina

I just watched NFL News on purpose and now I am watching Jim Rome is Burning.

Apparently I am nearly qualified as a sports' fanatic.

I am SO excited to have football season start. I love football. College football especially, but also the NFL. Justin and I have to go buy some UCLA paraphernalia and hopefully even maybe tickets to a game or two, now that we're official Bruins--I say being a resident at UCLA-Harbor counts.

Yeah. I'm watching ESPN and there isn't a man in the house. It's just who I am.

Today is another waiting day--Justin is at work and this morning got a text that they might need him to be on call today instead of tomorrow. It's not the kind of thing anyone should really go into without knowing the night before--if you're about to work 30 hours in a row you might want to go to sleep early--but apparently someone is sick or something.

I also work today, so it's really the only thing I have to do without question. Notably, I've also cleaned the bathroom, done the dishes and baked some cookies. If I get a few boxes unpacked and some stuff taken downstairs to storage that will be truly remarkable. Mostly, I just want to know if anyone will be home tonight when I get here.

Which brings me to the coming and going of work tonight: walk, bike or ride? The answer is to be determined. I might just be too lazy to take the bike downstairs, but I hate to waste the gas on a half-mile walk. However, the alternative is risking a walk home that involves stranger-danger, so it's a significant question. It's also just a matter of time from when I hit "publish post" until my mother calls and votes for driving. It remains to be seen.

Now I am trying to figure out how people get points on around the Table (more ESPN) as they talk about the British Open. It's a neat game. Plus, I get to see sports columnists on TV. I think just the host gets to push a button.

Believe it or not, I actually care about Brett Favre and where he ends up. I think a sports great like Favre has every right to sadly retire when his team loses and then watch the season start up and want to jump back in the game. It's hard to believe that the Green Bay Packers and Favre are having such animosity pass between them. On the other hand, Favre said he "couldn't trust this guy" on national TV, and the Packers have a lot to lose (America's favorite quarterback) and can't just let him go like they're tossing away a guy who retired because he wasn't playing well anymore. But can they actually bench a legend and believe that they can play peacefully in Green Bay? Lambeau Field would explode with tension.

Against my better judgment, and because I usually despise anything that can come across at all like prima donna behavior, I side with Brett Favre. I don't think he could spend 16 years with the Packers and fake being a team player and a humble man. I don't think he could "stage his retirement" just so the Packers would let him out of his contract. I can't imagine the human capacity to become a different person. I can, however, imagine the human capacity to change positions, to want something different, to change one's mind. When Favre retired he looked like a man retiring at the top of his game, rather than waiting to dwindle away on the national stage. I know what it's like for the school year to start and to want to be there because that's what happens as the calendar pages turn. It will be interesting to see how this situation turns out, especially since Favre doesn't have the power to do what he wants to do just because he wants to do it, and the Packers have just become The Man because they hold the contract.

I dunno. Sports are sports are life.

In other news, my attempts at surfing are continuing to excite and befuddle me. On the upside, I get better at it every time I go out there. On the downside, I end up on the downside a lot.

Yesterday I relatively mastered getting out there, which involves making the board go over waves when I am facing the ocean and they are facing the beach. Supposedly, it's easier on a short board than a long board, which is most definitely a disadvantage for me. I have mastered sitting out there, which sounds lame and probably is, but sitting on a board floating on water isn't the same as switching from lying on the couch to sitting on the couch.

My biggest challenge is overcoming my habit of jumping up with my front foot facing the nose instead of the side of the board. Unfortunately, in ballet and in yoga "turning out" is the norm. In surfing, turning my front foot out causes me to fall over immediately. The problem is that the front foot is the steering foot, and it is physically impossible to steer with too little surface area rocking left to right and too much surface area pushing the front of the board into the water.

Unfortunately, yesterday I didn't get much chance to practice jumping up because I decided to practice getting out there on my own and ended up getting rolled and thrashed at least twice. I am proud to say I battled through all the usual mishaps and a badly turned ankle (I landed on its side underwater), but when I lost my drawers because of a wave I took it as a sign that I should walk it in. Luckily, it was just one side that untied, I grabbed it fast because I was not leashed to the board, and I managed to keep all the goods under water so no one had to see anything they should not get to see.

OK. That's it from LA. My San Diego friend Jareb is in San Francisco auditioning for American Idol again, and I have a couple of photography and art modeling gigs coming up this month, so hurrah for taking steps toward our futures. :)

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