Tuesday, July 01, 2008

quack quack quack

I am never going back to that crazy lady for crazy ladies. I'm just not.

She actually told me to think of what I would tell my daughter if she were lonely and had just moved to a new place.

I swear I almost left.

"Did you try the Church of Religious Science?"

"No! Why is that place such a big deal for you?"

"It's not."

"I've just never heard anyone recommend a church so much."

I did the whole why am I coming to therapy bit and I am just not going back. I'm not.

I even cried this time and she really just had nothing to give me. She doesn't even have a trashcan for the Kleenexes. She says I have to join groups, make friends, be nice to my inner child, encourage myself to keep going. I told her I was exercising.

"Four to five times a week?"

"Every day."

"At least I walk every day."

"Fast so you get your heart rate up?"

"No, but at least I'm out there."

"It would be good if you power walked so you got a cardio work out."

Bitch! Not only does she ask me to talk to a pretend daughter, she also doesn't appreciate that at least I get my ass out of the house instead of just lying around all day.

I am totally done with her. I kept watching the clock and then finally said, "I guess that's all I have for today."

I am never going back.

I miss Nancy.

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