Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Worst That Can Happen

Someone said they walked into the restaurant and no one greeted him and his son and then they waited for 10 minutes and decided to leave.

Unfortunately word came down from on high to my on high to me, so that sucks.


No one dies from this.

No one does not get into an Ivy League College because of this.

No one gets fired from this.


Of course I can obsess about this for the rest of the night, but I can also practice putting this thought out of my mind. I could get fired. My manager could get fired. My assistant manager could get fired. I could get fired.

But none of this will happen, so I will be putting this out of my mind.

It bothers me. A lot of things bother me. But I will be putting them out of my mind now.


(the funny thing is, this might not have happened at all. I was vigilant, the assistant manager and I don't remember it happening at all or seeing these people, it wasn't busy enough for anyone to blend in with everyone else)

So I will be putting this out of my mind now.

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