Friday, September 12, 2008

The Fog is Rolling In

As much as I hate those commercials for Abilify and other mood disorder medications, I know I am that woman.

When I am well, I hate hate hate those commercials. They are so depressing.

When I am already sitting in my pajamas in the dark watching TV feeling too heavy to do anything even while knowing getting some exercise or answering the phone might help me pull out of the grip of depression, I don't even have to watch those commercials, they just play through my head and I know I am not alone.

As though I have a navigator for my brain, I called my psychiatrist when I noticed the symptoms coming up, and she has suggested a small change in the dose of one of my pills. This, I know, will require a trip to the drugstore, which will require clothes and conversation, which I know could be helpful. Maybe I'll even force myself to stay out there and go somewhere else too.

The fog may be rolling in, but I am not going to let it envelope me. I will find a clearing in this madness; I will make a light.


OakMonster said...

That light is called...the THRILLER!

Thrillah! Thrillah now!


Trust me, learning the move and practicing everyday, definitely get you going. Guess what's been keeping my mind off of the "oh my god Brandon's not here I miss him so much" feeling?

BTW the new rehearsal schedule is out. South Bay one is later in October. I might be going up to the Santa Monica and Glendale one (my friend Nhien is there). However, you should learn on your own until then.

KI said...

You are beautiful and strong :-)


Bigger than the fog.

And "bigger," in the best possible sense of the word ;-)

I miss you!