Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kids These Days... and me

I thought you might be interested in this article about bipolar diagnoses in children, The Bipolar Puzzle. I recognize some of the symptoms, though to a much less dramatic degree. Which maybe means I was a normal kid, or maybe means I have always been sick. Right now I am in bed still. I could live from here, you know. If I didn't have to get up to make an occasional buck at the restaurant. I will start the new dose of one of medications tomorrow--the pharmacy had to order it. Hopefully that will help. Justin confirms I have been irritable--mean to him; depressed--sleeping or lying around a lot and not getting ready for the day or leaving the house; anxious--worried about everything from money to what people think of me to what to have for dinner; and generally not as good as I've been before. He's being his usual champ self and not getting mad at me for all this craziness. I hope it settles down soon, though I'm forgetting what normal looks like again.

Oh well.

It will get better one day. It always does.

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