Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Staying Alive Staying Alive, oh oh oh oh....

Nothing like photographing a leather and lace party at the restaurant, going to Disneyland, serving food at the AVP and working a night shift in between two days of the volleyball tournament to jump start a depressed girl.

But now that I have pulled out of the spiral and face quiet days and working nights, I have to find a way to keep myself feeling good... or at least stable.

It seems for me the key is to stay busy. But I need to find the drive to be busy without having obligations to other people. God knows there is enough for me to do around the apartment, I could go for a bike ride along the beach or a walk, but self-motivation is elusive.

I am going to try to make a schedule for myself now. Something that involves 8 hours of sleep after I get home from the late night shift at the restaurant, and then exercise and productivity for the day.

I have to be my own boss.

Managing health is quiet a job.

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OakMonster said...

I'm telling you. Learn the Thriller online and join a few rehearsals! (Well, the next southbay one is in October...)

Seriously, knowing that you'll be a zombie on October 25 will be very occupying. You need to learn your dance, think about your character, and of course costume and make up. Fun, girl, FUN!!!! :)