Monday, October 13, 2008

Brain Rot

I think I can feel my brain rotting in my skull.

For a while I couldn't do much that required concentration. My mind wouldn't focus so I was constantly distracted from even the smallest task.

But now that I have been better for a while I am so bored.

I can think again, and I find myself with not much to think about.

I am considering substitute teaching. We could really use the money and it would be a commitment to something that requires thoughtful juggling. Granted, teachers tend to leave simple plans for subs, but it would be more than my current considerations--sorting the laundry, unpacking boxes, dusting the furniture. I just need to figure out the districts that the schools around here are in so that I can apply.

In the meantime, maybe I'll try to find a crossword puzzle to do.

Just kidding. I want to do something productive. Productive. Not repetitive. Productive.

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Penny said...

Try Torrance Unified. That is where I did my observation when I was at CSULB.