Sunday, October 12, 2008

A New Church, Hopefully

"This is what I'm wearing," he said and pointed to nice slacks and my favorite blue shirt. "I figured since it's a new church..."

"Gotta wear good luck clothes?"

"Yeah," he said with resignation.

"I know. I just e-mailed Pastor Brian and told him to pray for good things."

"If they start raving about Palin I'm out of there."

"I know. I can just see the yes on Proposition 8 propaganda."

"There better not be. I might even ask."

I consider this idea and am wary of it, but also know it would cut right to the heart of the matter. Justin and I cannot, under any terms, attend a church of hate or division. So, if a church did not love gay people as God and their neighbor and themselves, we'd be out of there.

So here we go. Pray for Grace and the True message of the Gospel: Love one another.

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