Thursday, December 25, 2008

The True Meaning of Christmas

Justin and I are celebrating the most non-commercialized Christmas of our lives.

A scene from this morning:

"Merry Christmas! I'm ready to get up now."

"Let's sleep in!"

"I'm like a little kid on Christmas morning!"

"But there's nothing out there!"

That's right... nothing. Justin and I decided not to buy Christmas presents this year. My family is getting art related stuff (TBA, in case they read this early) and we're getting nuttin' for Christmas.

'Tis the Christmas of paupers.

Actually, later we are going to go shopping during the sales for some necessities. I need pj's and socks and maybe some shirts. He needs T-shirts and maybe some jeans. We're going to buy a toaster oven, but suddenly that does not count among our presents. We just need a replacement because ours only toasts one side of the bread now. The top.

While Justin and I thought this was a brilliant plan during all that time we were not shopping, we now think it sucks. We both love giving presents and are sad not to get to see each other excited over our finds. So next year there will be Some Thing. And next year there will be more money, what with me having a regular job now and all.

Last week at the restaurant one of the girls told me she was crying because she had no money to buy her daughter a present. And her daughter wanted a bicycle. Two of the regulars gathered up enough money for her to buy one. I think she probably could have bought one and paid rent if she just didn't spend the money on alcohol and other vices, but who am I to know?

This Christmas of paupers isn't that bad. It is nice to feel like we didn't participate in the commercialization of Christmas. Plus we went to church last night and had Eucharist and sang carols, so I feel like we realized the true reason for Christmas, you know, Christ's birth and all that. Even if he was probably born in the spring.

Merry Christmas, everyone! May you live in the blessed light of the birth, life and death of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Ho, ho, ho...


OakMonster said...

Dont you worry, missy. You WILL have something to open when you come by today.


Penny said...

You aren't the only ones. When it comes to having something for the kids or yourself, you give to them first. Even then, they still did not get as much this year, but they did get to go on vacation.