Sunday, February 08, 2009

Just Another TGIF-Kinda Girl

I haven't cared so much about weekends in a while, but now that I'm working 9 to 5, I'm all about the weekend.

Justin still works on weekends, so I don't have the luxury of my husband's company every weekend, but I also don't have to go to work.

That is reward enough for having survived another five days at the office.

On Mondays, my friend and I look forward to our Friday Happy Hour margaritas. It's really what carries us through.

You know that job I mentioned?

So far, I have created a 5 page brochure, including 17 meetings to review the text and the graphics, created a presence for the company on facebook, myspace and linked in, answered the phones done some administrative work, taken photographs of a class for our website and, oh, by the way, am getting set to actually create a website for us.

Please review previously posted job description if you have any questions.

Tomorrow, I stop whining about this turn of events.

Until then, I will continue to feel put-upon, taken advantage of, used, and aggravated.

I know my attitude could use a little warming up.

Despite my new found regard for the weekend, I find myself spending it getting the car fixed, doing laundry and cleaning the house. Still, this is better than work?

At least next weekend I get to see my cousins, who will be visiting mom and dad from Toronto. Their son is playing baseball in the region, so we'll be going to his games. The following weekend is the movie marathon. The weekend after that is my get away to Ventura with Justin.

In between, margarita Fridays. Thank God.

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KI said...

At least the getaway? Maybe?

Hang in there. The working world sucks.