Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feeding Ella


Acceptance of messiness.

Not our strong suits.

Still, what we need to be able to feed Ella. She's still mastering putting food into her mouth herself--for some reason she pushes it out with her tongue and she also keeps her fingers in there. Today I tried to read a magazine while she was eating (it can be that boring), and she wanted the magazine, so I'm stuck watching this process.

Then, there's the baby food. She likes to help by grabbing the spoon. She also insists on seeing the labels--every time I switch to a new jar she has to point to the babies on the label. Then, she sticks her fingers into the jar to check the consistency. It's always the same.

The smile at the end makes it worth it. 

Finger foods--peach yogurt melts and puffs.
Vegetable Turkey Dinner.

All done.      

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