Friday, April 08, 2011

Ella Hates the House least as much as she hated the pumpkin patch.

Ella cried every time we put her down near a pumpkin. We think maybe it was because the hay was itchy?

Ella cried every time we put her down any where in the house. We think maybe it was because it's new to her?
It could also be the road work they are doing right outside our door. There are diggers and tractors rolling around, and men yelling over the din. She also hates the vacuum cleaner, and Justin was vacuuming today. He thought maybe holding her while he did it would help, but she ended up quaking in his arms. It didn't help that one of the attachments fell off and as he replaced it he sucked up some of her hair.

I can handle it when she's crying and there is no good reason for it, that I can detect, at least. I can basically handle it. But seeing her terrified was torturing me. I had to sit with her and her toys (including George! her comforting stuffed animal/blanket monkey!) in the new play yard. When I tried to escape the cage so I could lay some shelf paper, she wailed.

We ended up driving her over to my mom's house so she could hang out with her grandma and we could get some work done around the house.

More pictures soon--I just had my cell phone with me today.

Incidentally, she wore the same jeans today that she wore to the pumpkin patch--she  was five months old then and is almost 11 months old today... they are size six months.

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Alana said...

Oh no!! I hope she learns to love it soon! Thank goodness grandma was close enough to help all three of you out!