Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ella is OK with the House

Maybe it's because I stopped calling it the Scary House and started calling it the Palace of Joy, but Ella is growing comfortable in her new home.

She's sleeping right now, hopefully for the night. Justin is at work. I am sitting on the couch and I cannot see my entire home from here, like I could before, when we lived in the apartment.

However, I could see it all if it were daytime--there are that many windows.

The house, as I've mentioned before, is J-shaped. Backward J-shaped. The inside of the J is all windows, so from the kitchen (the tip of the short end of the J) I can see through the courtyard to Ella's bedroom (in the top of the long end of the J).

I'll post pictures soon. Right now it's all boxes and mess, and my camera is in a cupboard for safekeeping.

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Julie and Casey said...

Yeah! Glad Ella is okay with the house. Sounds like you are having fun getting moved in and organized.