Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I've reached the point in packing where I keep sitting down on the couch, staring at things and wondering what to do next.

We've estimated that we have about 15 hours, so probably 30, left of packing to do.

This would be a reasonable estimation, if Justin weren't working nights and sleeping during the day for the next 4 of 6 days left until we move. And if I didn't have a baby in the apartment.

Instead, I keep retreating to the couch.  "Aaaaaaahhhhhh!"

It's also a problem that everything I look at might be useful in the next few days. Do we need the plates? The bowls? How about the pots and pans? What will we eat?

Ella can't go without her toys.

Justin is sleeping in the room with the clothes.

I don't have a place to lay the paintings once I wrap them in blankets that doesn't invite the baby to throw herself down on the blanket to cuddle.

But it's really going to be OK. It gets done. Somehow.

There's also stuff to do at the new house.

We're going to be surrounded by storage space, which is hugely exciting, given that we've been living with boxes piled in our living room and covered with a pretty blue sarong for 3 years.

But I'm obsessed with shelf paper.

Probably 15 hours of shelf papering to do.

"Justin, I don't know how people move without their lease overlapping. You know, like be out by April 30th and in on May 1st."

"They probably just throw it all together."

"That seems chaotic to me."

"They probably think our way of doing it is more chaotic."

"They're probably right."

But I want everything in our new house to be just right, so that we don't have the kind of mess we have here. I know there will be a certain amount of disarray--after all, a one-year-old will be living with us, but at least we can start off right.

All that said, I should probably do something around here. Maybe pack up the paintings and put them in the car overnight so we can move them tomorrow?

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Alana said...

I so hear you. The memory of moving is still far too fresh in my mind! A little at a time is a good way to go, but after a couple weeks, it can certainly be exhausting.

You can do it! You can do it! Buy paper plates, just for this week. Keep just one pot and pan out, just for this week. Order take-out. Anything to feel sane for the next six days! ;)

Oh, and if you pack half the toys, imagine how excited Ella will be to see them again at the new house - they'll be like new again! (Totally use that trick - often accidentally, but it works every time, as long as it's not the favorite...)