Friday, May 27, 2011

Independence Day

Ella came to insist on her independence this week--pretty much all on the same day.

Eating? She has to hold the spoon.

Combing her hair? She takes the comb, examines it and then swipes it down the side of her head (teeth facing her palm) a couple of times before I am allowed to quickly run it through her hair.

Brushing her teeth? She examines the bristles, moves them toward her mouth, lets me help her push the brush around on her teeth.

She might as well get her own apartment.

We've been doling out her birthday gifts slowly, so as not to overwhelm or bore her with so many new toys. Today she got the piano/xylophone. You can imagine the collective thrill ringing through the house.


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Alana said...

Such a grown up lady!