Friday, July 15, 2011


I am officially not a good enough housewife. I like to do the laundry, but I hate to do the dishes. Which is a problem, because the dishes get dirty every day.

Justin's co-workers say things like, "It must be nice to come home and be able to just relax," but I kind of expect our old deal to stand. Justin did dishes and I did laundry.

But back then we both had jobs.

Now doing the dishes seems to be part of my job description.

Which means, I should wrap this up and get to work.

But first, let me show you what happens when the washing machine gets unbalanced every time I use it:

I suppose this means Justin is also helping with the laundry, by sitting on the machine to hold it down during the spin cycle.

I really need to step up my game.


Aarti said...

First you need to send some love to yourself! Talk tomorrow?- A

B. Wilson said...

This is hilarious.

My washer gets unbalanced, too, and Elliot has to sit on it. Haha. Or, we open it and shuffle things around a bit and after a few tries, it usually does the trick.

I'm sure you are doing just fine. I think we all hate something about housework.

Lindsay said...

OMG. I suck at being a housewife. Laundry stays in the dryer indefinitely. We hired someone to clean our tiny apartment every other week. I rarely make dinner. I was hoping this would get better after Leo was about a year old but I'm afraid I might always suck at it.