Monday, July 04, 2011

July 3

When Ella wakes up from her naps she smiles when she sees us:

Today Ella had her first encounter with ocean water:

She checked out the waves like Daddy does.

The water comes in....

The water touches The Girl; she is brave(ish)

I just love my girl.

My girl will be an ocean girl, like her daddy. We will learn to surf together. Life is beautiful. But, it was chilly and windy a block from our house at the beach, so we retreated to the hot tub after just a few minutes at the seaside.

Now we know where she gets her crinkle nose smile.

Splashes! Like in the bathtub!

And what would a holiday weekend be without seven layer dip? She liked the beans and the guacamole. We definitely have a California girl on our hands.

Somehow, there are no pictures of her smiling and eating it, but she kept reaching out for more.

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