Friday, July 22, 2011

Quiet Acceptance

Ella woke up two nights ago shrieking so horribly that both Justin and I thought something terrible might be happening to her, so we went running to her room. (Which is on the other end of our U shaped house--picture us at one top serif and her at the other.) She was writhing in pain in cat pose, with her head down between her bent arms. Justin scooped her up, and she could barely open her eyes, so I turned the light back off and we examined her by the hall light. He even unzipped her pajamas to check her belly, but nothing was wrong. We guessed it must be her teeth and the Orajel had worn off, so gave her some Tylenol and after he held her til she calmed down he put her back to sleep. I had left the room because she was clearly confused by having both of us there; trying to decide who to cuddle with and how to stop crying. Not because Justin was the one to hold her, but because I felt so bad for her, I was choked up myself.

The next night he had to work til 2 a.m., so I was praying for peace. She woke up only once, and after only 45 minutes of sleep, so I was still awake. I comforted her for a bit and put her back to sleep, both of us quietly accepting that we were breaking the rules of sleep training.

This morning when she woke up there was blood on her pillow and at the crease of her lips.

It's her molars.

Well, molar. Three of them came in and we barely noticed, but this last one is defining "cutting teeth" for us.

My poor girl.

Despite all this, she is cheerful during the day. (Which I'm just telling you so that you don't worry too much about us.)

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