Wednesday, September 07, 2011

And she danced!

Ella's first dance class was a success. That is to say, once she warmed up to the room she felt free to roam freely (and the teacher said that was alright for the walkers in the class), she only cried once (I think she got a bit of an owie when she fell into my arms at one point), and we walked (slowly) through the small parking lot to the car while holding hands. 

Letting her be a person

Often, when people see Ella they say, "She's such a doll."

I thank them.

But it's time for me to let her be a little person, instead of my little doll.

Today she starts her first class: Baby Dance II through the City of Long Beach.

The class description is as follows:

Help your baby develop a love for music and dance in a fun, silly and
friendly environment. We will sing, dance, and play with instruments,
streamers and the parachute and much more. This is a great way to let
loose with your little one and help them to develop socialization skills!

It's going to be a fun time for both of us. 

But it's time for me to start letting go. I have to remember to let her walk, even though carrying her is faster. I have to let her eat with the spoon in her hand instead of mine, even though it's less messy to feed her myself. I have to let her fall--so cliche.

She's so much more than a doll.