Monday, March 05, 2012

Keeping up

There's so much that's happening that I want to write about, but it's all going so quickly and I'm so tired and I have a cold (insert violins!), so I'm just going make a quick list, before it all falls out of my brain.

Ella went to her first Sunday school class at church. We usually just go up to the front of the church for Children's Time and sit with all the other kids while Pastor Jim tells us what the story is going to be about that day, asks the kids some questions (they mostly sit shyly, or answer "Jesus!" to any given question, or tell him some random piece of information about what they had for breakfast that day or some such thing), and then says a prayer with them.

This Sunday, Drew, who is only one year older than Ella, and Ella were the only kids in the church. When Pastor Jim said, "Hello, Ella," she turned to me with a smile and buried her face in my trousers. So, Drew answered all of the questions (Which was lucky, because the first question was, "Do you think your parents are old?"). The story for the day was about Sarah and Abraham, and how they were told they would have lots of children but they were 100-or-so years old.

I knew when the Children's Time was over I wasn't going to be able to go back to our pew at the back of the church to sit with Ella through the rest of the service. I knew it was going to be her first Sunday school experience. I couldn't let Drew go all by himself with the TWO Sunday school teachers. Ella would have wanted to follow, for sure. So off we went, to one of the preschool classrooms, where another adult volunteer and her young daughter were waiting for us. Miss Nancy read the story of Sarah and Abraham to us, trying to engage Drew and Ella with all of her might. She asked about nature, and what goes up every morning and comes down every evening. Drew told her something about crepes, and later french fries. He is such a confident speaker. But he's three, so while there is a clear beginning and ending to each sentence, and a lot of inflection in the words in between, no one had any idea what he was saying. He's old enough now that his parents stay in church while he comes back to Sunday school. Last year, they used to come with him, like I went with Ella. Ella didn't say a word, just kept sitting down and then after a bit standing up--because the school chairs are small, but not so small that her feet could touch the ground. She kept smiling at me proudly from her big girl chair.

After the story, we colored and stickered a scene from the story. Then we tied purple yarn onto the paper and waved it like it was a flag in a celebration--like at a party.

We went back into church in time for Communion.

OK. So that wasn't a list.

But this is one:
  • I decided we would wait one more year and start Ella in preschool when she is three years old. (whew!)
  • 60 Minutes did an article about red-shirting kids for Kindergarten. (that's not crazy at all)
  • A former student of mine gave me a writing assignment. (how's that for success?)
  • I dropped Medicine A and two or three dress sizes, but I still haven't exercised once in 2012. (must do something about that)
  •  Being Ella's Mommy is the only job I've ever been good at AND liked so much. I've finally found my calling.
  • Body image (see bullets 3, 4, 5--more on that later)
  • 99 of 100 (what I didn't do for winter break)
  • oh, and don't forget, I made a table (see bullet 1)
And, as an aside, we live on a really, really, really narrow one-way street. Of course, one of our neighbors owns a monster truck (seriously) and often parks it in front of our house, which is only separated from the curb by a little garden, the sidewalk, and a patch of grass. The engine is so loud it makes things rumble, and I have to tell Ella, when she looks at me with concern, "It's OK. It's just a big truck going by." He just spent about three minutes (at 11:20 p.m.) parallel parking the thing. Most of that time I was almost holding my breath hoping it wouldn't wake Ella up.  (sigh)

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B. Wilson said...

Definitely watched that 60 minutes on red-shirting. My husband was red-shirted. Quite the topic to debate!