Saturday, March 17, 2012

Training Pants

Look at the pants that are supposed to make potty training easier because they let the girl feel wet (and uncomfortable) but don't let the pee run down her leg (and onto the carpet/couch/chair):

The Disney princesses disposable Pull-Up is size 2T. The Gerber Training Pant is size 2-3T (the smallest they have).

I thought about including a picture of my maternity underwear for size comparison, but figure you can use your imagination. Why do I still have that stuff in my drawer, anyway?

To her credit, Ella has not peed in the training pants yet. Sadly, she does walk around pulling at them every now and then, which causes me to constantly ask her, "Do you need to go pee-pee or poo-poo in the potty?"

"No," and she shakes her head.

Sometimes I pick her up and run her over there anyway because she has That Look, but nothing happens, except we read another book or two. I keep telling her we can go to the living room and read on the couch, and sometimes she takes me up on the offer.

The training pants are supposed to be easier to pull up and down, and they are, but I had to roll the waistband over twice to get the crotch near where it needs to be. Plus, the training pants are all squished into her leggings, so I still have to help her. It's too cold to go around without pants on today. She can't wear her jeans because they're too hard to take down, and she doesn't own many regular elastic waist pants (which aren't as skintight as leggings) because she's so skinny for her height that the 2T pants just slide down her little tushy.

Did I mention it's raining? Ella is fascinated, pointing out the big windows and saying, "raining" and "water." I say, "Yes, it is raining. Water is falling from the sky." This house has a skylight in the bathroom, our bedroom and the dining room and they amplify the sound of the raindrops, so she points up, too. "Yes, it's raining. There's water falling from the sky. It's loud, huh?"


So, that's how my day is going. How's yours?

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