Saturday, April 07, 2012


So much to write about:
  • Good Friday ("Happy Good Friday?" Really? Really.)
  • Race Relations and Kids (and Anderson Cooper)
  • The Bus as Field Trip
  • Laundry (again, really?)
  • Body Image (again. really.)
It seems that if I make a list about what I want to write about, I actually do end up writing about it. If said list is public.

I realize this practice might be boring or annoying for some of you, but since it's working for me (well, it did once, anyway), I am doing it.

It gives me something to look forward to and something to mull over while I go about my day.

You'd think since it's Good Friday, I would just start there, but no. I'm too tired and I still have laundry to finish (and you wonder why that's always on my list of topics--they say write what you know).

Good night, all.

I leave you with these photos of Ella ready to go to the grocery store:

Note the lovely belt, the perfectly coordinated hat, and the Pull-Up peaking out of the jeggings beneath the tunic that is somehow too short despite being a size 2T. For the record, Ella wants you all to know that she put the "belt" on all by her self. (Got it through the first belt loop, at least. I might have helped with the rest. She did put the socks and shoes on without assistance.) It's actually a necklace that was a birthday party favor and functions quite nicely as a bracelet, as well. She's obsessed with wearing a belt and putting her hands in pockets. Fair warning, her pants don't actually have pockets (though some have cosmetic ones), but she has no problem with trying to put her hands in your pockets instead.
I was trying to get her to let me take a picture that didn't have her hands in front of her face, but when I put my keys down to free up a hand to be able to coax her into the right spot, she sat down.

...and offered to drive. I opened the garage and she still had the key in her hand. You should have seen the look on her face when she pushed a button and the lights flashed as the doors unlocked. I don't think we can ever have one of those push-button-ignition cars.

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B. Wilson said...

Haha. I love that last line.