Monday, April 16, 2012

What I Never Imagined

Working on the writing topics list:

  • Good Friday ("Happy Good Friday?" Really? Really.)
  • Race Relations and Kids (and Anderson Cooper)
  • The Bus as Field Trip
  • Laundry (again, really?)
  • Body Image (again. really.)
In response to my Tax Day post, a friend responded, "I think Ella is going to grow up to be a Republican. ;)"

I'm assuming the winking-smiley-face emoticon signals a lighthearted joke. The friend is herself a Republican. (Yes, I really do have Republican friends!)

Still, I've been thinking about it all day. 

What if Ella grew up to be a Republican? 

Good Lord. What would I do?

As a teacher, I always got so frustrated with high school students who brazenly spouted political opinions without much understanding of what they were saying. It was so obvious that they were just repeating--even believing--what their parents said. 

Of course, I found it even more annoying when it was a Republican point of view.

I don't want Ella to be a Democrat, or a bleeding heart liberal, or even just a liberal simply because I am. (Her dad is too, though his heart isn't quite so bleeding as mine. Just for the record.)

But, my God! What if she were a Republican?

It reminded me of this conversation I had with a former student and current friend. She created these pieces of art from a photo of 4-day-old Ella and early 30-something me:


They were posted on Facebook with this note: "A grassroots social media campaign called "COUNT ME OUT", whose goal is for social media users to “donate” their main profile image to include the word OUT or ALLY on National Coming Out Day, Monday October 11th. Participants are welcome and encouraged to utilize the days preceding and following Monday Oct 11th to participate as well." 

I responded under Ella's photo: Wow! Beautiful photo of Ella. :) I'm proud to be an ally--we'll see what she is when she grows up. :)

"haha I know! I was thinking about that. We can't really call her an ally yet! But it was so gosh darn cute!" she wrote.

"‎:) I think we can call her an ally for now," I replied.

The difference is, obviously, that Ella was born gay or straight or whatever sexual orientation she is.

But Republicans and Democrats aren't born that way. 

It has to be carefully taught. 

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