Saturday, May 19, 2012

We should never have let her turn two.

On May 15, 2012, at 8:18 p.m., my baby girl officially turned two years old. Of course, we let her open her presents in the morning and celebrated with her all day long, but I held onto "one" for as long as I could manage.

Now, three days later, I am worried that the best years of my life are over.

She's two.

Ella has been eying other kids' tricycles for a long time now, so we decided it was time for her to have her own.

I gave her a Kangaroo that goes with Eric Carle's book Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? I am so glad I caught her with her, "Read this one to me, Mommy!" face.

Auntie Mikaela sent her Good Night Hawaiian Moon. Which, apparently, she can read on her ride.

She visited the Haunted Mansion with us. The screaming in the elevator wasn't her favorite thing (she cried and tried to crawl into my arms even though I was already carrying her), but she enjoyed Justin and I pointing things out to her: "Look! A picture of a lady! Look! A doggie! They're dancing! They're running! Isn't that silly? Kitties!" Afterward, she said, "Fun!" She didn't even mind having a ghost sit on her lap on the way out.

We rode through Pinocchio's adventure--"All done!" It's scarier than Pirates of the Caribean, which isn't so bad if you don't count the two drops (during one of which I may have accidentally screamed in her ear) and the cannonball fight. (Though I sold her on the cannonballs by saying, "Look, Ella! They're throwing orange balls at each other! Look! There's one! Oooo! Where do you think that one's going to land? Oh! Over there! Did you see it?") At least the Pirates don't get swallowed by a whale.

Justin and Ella stretched while we waited for the train at the New Orleans Square stop.
We rested in California Adventure before running around in the Adventurers playground area.
See this sweet girl? Standing so, well, sweetly in front of a pot of hunny that Winnie the Pooh must have left behind? Yeah. I love her.

We went to Claim Jumper on our way home largely because I wanted her to have a kid's style birthday dessert. They put a candle in her kid's sundae. And isn't that set up awesome? You get to build-your-own sundae! (Or, if you're Mommy, eat most of the hot fudge with little tiny bites of vanilla ice cream.)

She had a bath even though it was way past her bedtime, because after sunscreen and Disneyland and build-your-own sundaes, you just have to get clean. And Mommy needed a picture of her big, beautiful, tired eyes.

All of this I can write calmly now because she has been asleep for about three hours. 

I didn't manage to get a photo of today's milestone: the first several-minutes-long tantrum. In a store all the way from the back area, through the checkout, and into the car. (I don't think the clerk believed me when I said, "She's never done this before," while I paid as fast as I could. The young man didn't even respond. I wish we had been at our local grocery store, where the clerks always try to make friends with her.) I'm going to spare her the details, but know that it is true. 

Ella is two.


B. Wilson said...

I believe you on that being her first real tantrum. ;)

She's a brave little one for going through the Haunted House & Pirates! Happy Birthday sweet girl. If she is anything like those precious photos, I know she's just lovely.

Janine Q said...

Funny, my son was also born on May 15, just a different year. :) I don't think the 'best years' are behind you yet!