Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Night before the Real First Day of Preschool

I want to be tunnel focused on Ella's first day of preschool, but to be honest, I just want her out of my hair for a couple of hours so that I can make a few phone calls.

But I want to call her teacher, or send an email or a text, to tell her that Ella is potty training. That she's gone five days in panties at home (most of the time!) and only had five accidents (and only one on the carpet!). (Wait, did I do that math right? Really?) That she might be scared of heights, but I don't want to mention it in front of her, in case she isn't and then gets the idea that height is something to be scared of. So, just in case, could you please watch out for her on the play set--because she climbs up to go down the slide, but then, just in the last couple of weeks, she gets frozen. You can see her trying to build up the courage to go down the slide, or take the next step on the bridge between the swirly slide and the bumpy side, but she just can't move. So if that happens, could you please rescue her? Climb up there and get her down and hold her until she's breathing easily again? That I think on the information sheets we submitted in June, I wrote that she doesn't like olives, but she tried them again last week and she really does like them? That she's just started to say, "Ella's!" and snatch a toy back if someone takes something from her. That she even takes toys from other kids, now, too. That if she demands something ("water! water! water!") if prompted with "Mommy...." or "Would you like to ask nicely?" She will say, "Mommy, may I have water, please?" So prompt her, don't just ask her to say, "please." She can do more. That if she gets a boo-boo, she might cry, "starfish!" because there's a starfish-shaped ice pack in our freezer. Justin thought it was cute, so we bought it at CVS and now if she's hurt, we take Starfish out of the freezer and she let's it kiss her boo-boo and then wants it put away "all done Starfish"--even if she's getting a bump on her head, she doesn't want to leave the ice on it. That in the book "I love you through and through," when she gets to "I love your sad side," she sometimes kisses the sad-faced illustration or suggests a way to help him feel better: "Starfish." That she recognizes the American flag, so when she sees one she gets excited and says, "'merican flag! 'merican flag!" That she also recognizes the Statue of Liberty (and holds her arm up in the air, saying, "Light! Light!") and Mount Rushmore and President Barack Obama (she pronounces his name quite clearly). That if you're talking about the moon, she might tell you, "'rmstron' walk on moon 'merican flag bouncing, because we watched the video of the Moon Landing and it looked like Neil Armstrong was bouncing, not just walking...

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Siobhan Gray said...

So sweet. It made me tear up!